Cambodia becomes the first country in Asia to agree a Programme for Country Partnership with UNIDO

Cambodia becomes the first country in Asia to agree a Programme for Country Partnership with UNIDO

VIENNA, 28 November 2017 – Cham Prasidh, Senior Minister of Industry and Handicraft of Cambodia, and LI Yong, Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), have signed a Joint Declaration on a Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) for 2018-2023. This makes Cambodia the first country in Asia to pilot the PCP initiative.

The PCP Cambodia will target three key areas: the development of sustainable tourism, the development of competitive agro-industry and creative industry value chains, and industrial diversification, in particular through the development of Special Economic Zones.

The PCP will be supported by a number of interventions on cross-cutting issues. These will include interventions in the following areas: industrial policy and business environment; skills development; quality infrastructure, innovation and technology transfer; energy access and efficiency; resource efficiency and cleaner production; and environmental management.

“Cambodia is fortunate to be part of the PCP initiative, which will serve as a new platform for synchronizing development efforts and for resource mobilization, as well as being a supporting tool to generate a greater impact from Cambodia’s Industrial Development Policy,” said Cham Prasidh during the signing ceremony. He also urged development partners and the private sector to join forces to turn the initiative into reality.

Director General LI Yong added that “the current cooperation framework is built on the principle of inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) and is in line with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s vision to transform and modernize Cambodia’s industrial structure from labour-intensive to skills-driven by 2025.”

The PCP Cambodia was initiated in April 2017, when Director General LI Yong made his first official visit to Cambodia and met with Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen and ministries of the Royal Government of Cambodia. The mission prompted the Cambodian government’s request for a PCP and was followed by consultative workshops involving a broad range of stakeholders. These included government line ministries, the private sector, donors, and development partners.

Following the signing of the Joint Declaration on the PCP, UNIDO and Cambodia will start an inception phase. A fully-fledged PCP will be developed early next year.

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