Chemical Leasing Goes Global

Chemical Leasing Goes Global

Vienna, 11 April 2008 - Chemical Leasing is an innovative business model for the sustainable management of chemicals whereby an enterprise looks to the provision of chemical services as a way of increasing profitability rather than through increased sales volume. It provides chemicals risk management and other environmental advantages as well as economic benefits for both user and producer.

Within Chemical Leasing business models, the responsibility of the producer and service provider is extended and may include the management of the entire life cycle of the chemical.

Chemical Leasing Goes Global collects the experience gained in pilot projects in Austria, Egypt, Mexico and the Russian Federation in a wide range of sectors and companies.

In developing countries and countries with economies in transition the new business model was successfully implemented in cooperation with UNIDO's worldwide Cleaner Production Programme, supported by the Austrian Government. The book contains detailed descriptions and evaluations based on existing projects, as well as political and scientific interpretations and analyses.

(The publication is available from Springer Wien-NewYork)

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