Chinese refrigeration companies receive Montreal Protocol award

Chinese refrigeration companies receive Montreal Protocol award

Vienna, 6 March 2008 - Hangzhou Huari Refrigerator Co. Ltd. and Jiaxipera Compressor Co. Ltd., two of China's domestic refrigeration companies received awards from the Ozone Secretariat of the Montreal Protocol for their contribution to ozone layer protection. Representatives of the two companies received their certificates from the Head of UNIDO's Regional office in China, Sajjad Ajmal, at the UNIDO regional office in Beijing. The Ozone Secretariat nominated over 70 projects, covering various sectors. The two Chinese refrigeration companies (submitted by UNIDO) were among 31 projects selected from the 70 nominees. Congratulating the winners, Mr. Ajmal said "The Montreal Protocol has been recognized as the most successful international treaty to date and conveys a message of hope for solving other environmental threats".

During the presentation ceremony, Deputy Director General, Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), Mr. WEN Wurui, said "These two projects are examples and models for the excellent cooperation between international communities, Chinese Government, industry association and enterprises. The key factors to the success of these two projects are: enterprise's high social responsibility and strong sense of environment protection, CHEAA’s (China Household Electrical Appliances Association) guidance and support, and the mutual efforts given by international community, the latter, in this case, represented by UNIDO". In his summing up, Mr. WEN said that the success of the projects "not only lies in environment protection. The more important is the win-win of environment of protection and economy development. The projects could be used to demonstration how environmental protection can accelerate economic development".

Ms. JIANG Feng, Secretary General of CHEAA, was also present at the ceremony and pointed out that the two companies had invested considerable money, manpower and material resources, to ensure the projects were implemented smoothly and successfully. She said that the success of these two projects played a very active role to boost the upgrading in the refrigerator sector, accelerating the phase out of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in all sectors in China by three years.

"The award certificates were designed and issued by the Ozone Secretariat of the Montreal Protocol to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, in recognition of the work carried out by Governments, enterprises and implementing agencies", Mr. Ajmal told reporters. He said that to date, more than 5,000 projects for phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) have been implemented worldwide with the support of Montreal Protocol funds.

The compressor conversion from CFC-12 to R600a by Jiaxipera Compressor Co. Ltd. is a first for China. The conversion of the production line commenced in 1996 and was completed in August 1997. In addition to the benefits to the environment through the project, the production capacity of Jiaxipera Compressor has improved dramatically. Proudly accepting his award, General Manager of Jiaxipera, Mr. ZHU Jinjiao said "The project brought a valuable philosophy to Jiaxipera on enterprise development:digest, import and absorb. Before the project, we doubted the competence of our enterprise to walk in the way of technology innovation. The project increased our abilities and confidence, and the new management capacity has made an enormous contribution to the company's success in the national as well in the international market. Production output has increased from one to eight million compressors per year and the COP (a ratio of the cooling capacity and power input) has increased from 0.95 to 1.8. ... Twenty million new compressor units, with higher energy efficiency without consuming CFCs were produced after the completion of the project. If all these compressors are in use for 15 years, 66.8 trillion kWh would be saved, which means the reduction of 44 million tons CO2".

At the Montreal Protocol Award ceremony in the UNIDO Office Beijing: Ms. WANG Lei, Deputy Secretary General, China Household Electrical Appliance Association (CHEAA); Ms. YANG Xiaohua, National Programme Officer, UNIDO Beijing Office; Mr. WEN Wurui, Deputy Director General, FECO of SEPA; Representative of Award winner Hangzhou Huari Refrigerator Co. Ltd. Assistant General Manager, Mr. WANG Jiancheng; Mr. Sajjad Ajmal, Head, UNIDO Office in Beijing; Representative of Award winner Jiaxipera Compressor Co. Ltd. General Manager, Mr. ZHU Jinsong; Ms. YANG Lirong; Deputy Division Chief, Division III, FECO of SEPA; Mr. JIANG Feng, Secretary General, CHEAA; and Mr. Alessandro Amadio, UNIDO's Montreal Protocol Focal Point in Beijing.

The refrigerator conversion at Hangzhou Huari Refrigerator Co. Ltd. was formulated in 1996 and completed in 2000 with a project investment of US$ 2,810,000. The company's Assistant General Manager, Wang Jiancheng, said that one of the greatest achievements of the project are the training of company staff in terms of the management and technical skills and the increase in capacity. As a result of the project, production capacity increased to 300,000 units per year. Subsequently, the company enlarged its production line to 2,000,000 units per year by replicating the conversion mode designed for the project. Hangzhou Huari also improved the energy efficiency of its refrigerator by 30%.