Ensuring industrial safety and security in times of COVID-19

Ensuring industrial safety and security in times of COVID-19

VIENNA, 8 May 2020 - The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has organized a webinar on ensuring industrial safety and security in times of COVID-19 and beyond.

UNIDO's Olga Memedovic introduced the webinar, which brought together over 129 participants from all around the world. Experts shared their experience in adapting and navigating security and safety on manufacturing sites, and the adaptions and shifts in supply chains through the use of emerging technologies. They also addressed the question of how to ensure inclusive and sustainable industrial development in times of crisis and the heightened risk for occupational health and safety.  

Simon Reeve, Director VP of Technology and Innovation at Lloyd’s Register, emphasized the shift in the perception of risk industry is facing during the COVID-19 crisis, saying, “Industry is very used to managing visible and physical safety risks. However, the coronavirus is unseen and cannot be detected in the early stages, which has brought a whole new dimension to the area of occupational health and safety.”

Jim Kilpatrick, the Global Supply Chain and Network Operations Leader for Deloitte Consulting, highlighted the importance of moving towards digitalization and new approaches to create more resilient supply chains. “Companies are building digital twins of their supply chains to then digitally analyze through machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize their supply chains and increasingly extended supply network.”  

Concluding the discussion, JC Sekar, CEO of AcuiZen Technologies, emphasized the three main components that should considered and adapted to the current situation to ensure effective risk management and safety and security on manufacturing sites. “Safety is not the absence of incidents or accidents. It is the presence of control, capacity and competency.” 

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Olga Memedovic, Deputy Director and Chief, Business Environment, Clusters and Innovation Division, UNIDO Department of Trade, Investment and Innovation