GMIS 2021 Launches New Initiatives on 4IR Industrial Safety, Knowledge Outputs and Green Value Chains

GMIS 2021 Launches New Initiatives on 4IR Industrial Safety, Knowledge Outputs and Green Value Chains

DUBAI, 25 November - The fourth edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS 2021) drew to a close on Saturday, having tackled the issue of ‘rewiring societies: repurposing digitalization for prosperity’ and having launched several fresh initiatives related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and its interlinkages. GMIS is a joint initiative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology of the United Arab Emirates (MOIAT), providing a multi-stakeholder forum for 4IR dialogue, partnership and actions.

As part of the GMIS Working Groups, UNIDO co-launched the Global Initiative on Future Industrial Safety (GIFIS), in association with MOIAT, the GMIS Organising Committee, Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of Cambridge. Nearly three million people die in industrial workplace accidents worldwide every year, with an estimated 3.9% loss in global GDP occurring annually as a result. GIFIS aims to improve industrial safety worldwide by ensuring that emerging technologies are adopted by industry safely.

Over the next four years, GIFIS aims to provide a number of concrete deliverables to this end, including a Global Manifesto on Industrial Safety; knowledge inputs for industrial safety regulators and the private sector; promotion of best practices; and a spin-off, annual Global Conference on Industrial Safety. UNIDO also promoted the recent co-publication with the British Standards Institute and Rostechnadzor, ‘Ensuring Industrial Safety and Security’, available in seven languages.

Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento, Managing Director, UNIDO, said, "The future of industrial safety depends on strong partnerships, standards and multi-stakeholder dialogue, leveraging the respective strengths of the policymaking, industrial and research sectors. To this end, UNIDO is delighted to support the Global Initiative on Future Industrial Safety, in partnership with MOIAT, the GMIS Organising Committee and Lloyd’s Register Foundation."

The Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Performance Index working group also augmented the methodology for the future index, which will build on the UNIDO Competitive Industrial Performance Index. It is intended to engage pilot studies and to launch this in 2022.

UNIDO also introduced three 4IR knowledge products at GMIS 2021, namely technical recommendations on the adoption of artificial intelligence by small and medium enterprises in developing countries (to be launched at the 19th UNIDO General Conference); a new science and technology parks module ; and a policy paper on digital standards.

GMIS 2021 also saw the announcement of the Green Chain investment platform, which aims to harness advanced technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies, to stimulate green value chains and environmentally-sustainable investments across the globe.

Through a dedicated discussion panel on COVID-19 resilience and recovery, UNIDO also introduced the issues elaborated in the forthcoming Industrial Development Report 2022, to be launched at the UNIDO General Conference, to be held from 29 November to 3 December.

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