Hoi An to be Viet Nam’s first eco-town with UNIDO’s assistance

Hoi An to be Viet Nam’s first eco-town with UNIDO’s assistance

An action plan based on the internationally acclaimed ‘eco-town’ model was launched in Hoi An City in August. Run by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the project will work alongside business and Government agencies to promote green practices within the city.

The project will support the Hoi An Peoples’ Committee in implementing Green Industry practices in small and medium enterprises, particularly within the tourism and the crafts sectors as well as their supply chains.
Green Industry is a concept that was coined by UNIDO in the last few years to place sustainable industrial development in the context of new global sustainable development challenges.

Green Industry means economies striving for a more sustainable pathway of growth, by undertaking green public investments and implementing public policy initiatives that encourage environmentally responsible private investments. Greening of Industry is a method to attain sustainable economic growth and promote sustainable economies. It includes policymaking, improved industrial production processes and resource-efficient productivity.

The project will also focus on business and community development, with the aim of raising incomes and employment opportunities, especially for women. It will also look into solutions for improved delivery of energy and environmental services.

The Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hoi An, Le Van Giang, confirmed that eco-town development in Hoi An will be the town’s strategy until 2030 and UNIDO technical assistance is significant to this long-term process.

“Hoi An is honoured to be a partner in this project, which creates opportunities for enterprises and all the stakeholders to show their commitments and to take actions to protect the environment and help the town materialize its plan of becoming the first eco-town in Vietnam,” said Giang.

International eco-town development expert, Anthony SF Chiu, praised the local authorities of Hoi An for their commitment and stressed the vital importance of resource efficiency and cleaner production in this regard.

“Businesses need to show their responsibilities toward their community and their society. A company should bear in mind that its business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations, and in helping secure sustainable development. The strong determination of the Hoi An local authorities to eco-town development is equally important,” said Chiu.

The project is part of the Policy Advice on Environmental Management: Green Industry Development, funded by UNIDO and the United Nations One Plan Fund.

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