Importance of youth for building peace highlighted at International Youth Day event in Astana

Importance of youth for building peace highlighted at International Youth Day event in Astana

ASTANA, 11 August 2017 – Youth ambassadors adopted a declaration today highlighting the crucial role of youth in facilitating social entrepreneurship, economic justice and managing internal and international migration and related issues. This took place in the context of the International Youth Day (IYD) celebrations organized in Astana, Kazakhstan, under the topic of “Youth for Sustainable Development and Energy Efficient Lifestyle in Kazakhstan and Central Asia to Build Peace Globally”.

The declaration encapsulated UNIDO’s vision and initiatives in the area of inclusive and sustainable industrial development. In particular, it focused on fostering local innovation for employment generation and social stability, and on social, economic and environmental challenges.

Under the theme of “Youth Building Peace”, the activities of the day emphasized the growing recognition of young people as critical actors in conflict prevention and sustaining peace. Among others, the youth ambassadors discussed success stories of peace building and sustainable development.

IYD was also dedicated to recognize and build on the potential of youth to partake in peace processes, social justice and sustainability. It further initiated dialogue between UN agencies, partners and young delegates on opportunities for youth involvement in sustainable development, as well as on gender equality, education, social inclusion and entrepreneurship. UNIDO’s invitees included the Nazarbayev University and AIESEC.

UNIDO recognizes the crucial role played by youth in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is committed to fostering peaceful and inclusive societies to ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels.


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