Indonesia and China cooperate on small hydropower

Indonesia and China cooperate on small hydropower

JAKARTA, 9 May 2018 - The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has hosted a two-day workshop on the topic, “China-Indonesia Small Hydropower International Cooperation and National Capacity Building in Indonesia”.

At the workshop, a delegation from China, which consisted of representative from the Ministry of Commerce and several hydropower plant companies, exchanged ideas and experiences with various Indonesian stakeholders active in the fields of renewable energy, small hydropower, industrial development and education,

The participants expressed strong support for the introduction of the Marine Economy Green Energy (MeGe) Development Programme in Indonesia, including the suggested collective collaboration approach to developing small electricity-generating plant projects, and the proposed block chain-based crowd funding mechanism to fund the development of these projects.

UNIDO's Indonesia representative, Esam Alqararah, said that UNIDO believes that the MeGe Development Programme has huge potential and would demonstrate a unique investment approach through crowd financing. The UNIDO office, in cooperation with counterparts institutions, will start developing the project to be implemented in two islands In Indonesia.

Main image by Gerrigje Engelen under creative commmons license.