Industrial Development Report 2018 launched in China

Industrial Development Report 2018 launched in China

BEIJING, 5 September 2018 – The development of green industries was at the core of the discussion today during the launch of the Industrial Development Report 2018 (IDR 2018) event organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) together with the Beijing Normal University and UNIDO’s Green Industry Platform - China Office.

Participants agreed that the move towards green industries requires major shifts in consumption patterns towards the purchase of environmental goods and that barriers to the widespread consumption of such goods – such as low consumer awareness of environmental concerns – need to be removed.

Cecilia Ugaz Estrada, Director of UNIDO’s Department of Policy Research and Statistics, opened the event with a keynote speech on the main messages of the report, which highlights the importance of demand and consumption of manufactured goods as a catalyst for industrialization and also considers policies that can be implemented to steer demand towards the achievement of inclusive and sustainable industrial development. This was followed by a presentation by Alejandro Lavopa, UNIDO Research and Industrial Policy Officer, which drew out some key findings relevant to China. Professor GUAN Chenghua of the Beijing Normal University used the occasion to launch the China Urban Green Competitiveness Index Report.

A roundtable of experts from government ministries, academia and UNIDO further discussed issues related to industrialization, consumption and sustainable development. It was noted that while Chinese consumer demand for green products is increasing – even for goods at higher prices – it is important to establish environmental standards to ensure consumer trust in ‘green’ products.

The panel also discussed the value of sharing China’s experience of development and environmental sustainability with other countries, praising platforms that allow for knowledge exchange. One such initiative, the UNIDO Green Industry Platform, was established in 2014 in cooperation with the Beijing Normal University with the aim of promoting the development of green industry in China by sharing global green development experiences and best practices.

Following the official unveiling of the IDR in November 2017 in Vienna, the findings of the report have been promoted in New Delhi and Geneva, as well as in Tokyo on the occasion of UNIDO Director General LI Yong’s visit to Japan. Future launches will take place in Argentina and Peru later this month.

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