“LA’AL Textiles” named Tajik Brand of the Year 2017

“LA’AL Textiles” named Tajik Brand of the Year 2017

DUSHANBE, 25 January 2018 – Out of 68 well-known Tajik brands considered at the national Pick of Glory competition, “LA’AL Textiles” has been selected as Brand of the Year 2017.

“LA’AL Textiles” was formed in 2015 by nine companies producing mainly embroidery and carpets and all struggling to make sufficient sales to maintain production and pay salaries to their staff, most of whom were women. Through a United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) project funded by the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, these pilot beneficiary companies went through full enterprise diagnosis studies resulting in the development and joint implementation of industrial modernization plans to help improve the technological cycle, introduce innovative marketing tools, and develop new unique competitive products not only for local markets, but also targeting potential export markets based on the market positioning studies conducted.

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As part of the UNIDO project, over the course of two years, more than 500 Tajiks, most of them women, as well as marginalized groups, such as refugees from Afghanistan, received coaching on the production and market access cycle, including product design, personnel management, financial management, and marketing.

"Thanks to the UNIDO project, our designers and embroidery specialists learned about contemporary colour, interiors and decorating theories, as well as where to get sources of inspiration for embroidery. We are looking forward to presenting our old Tajik embroidery culture and traditions in a new format to the world in the near future,” said Faizimo Ibragimovna, director of one of the nine pilot beneficiaries.

The “LA’AL Textiles” brand is inspired by Tajikistan’s natural beauty and takes its name from the precious stone “la’al”, which has been praised by poets and travellers of the East for centuries for its outstanding colour and magical qualities. “La’al’s” fame spread across the globe and became a symbol of perfection, elegance, prosperity and success. The brand also draws upon Tajikistan’s rich textiles tradition, the decorative designs of which have adorned palaces and the temples of regents and aristocrats throughout the history of the Tajik people. The marrying of Tajik folk arts and crafts and modern design epitomizes the ”LA’AL Textiles” brand.

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Malika Yarbabaeva, National Project Technical Coordinator, noted that “This award is an enormous motivation in our future work and inspiration for the development of new creative LAAL Textiles collections merging the culture and traditions of the Tajik people and modern trends, which are in high demand at the markets. Undoubtedly, such an award will contribute to the revival of Tajik folk crafts, development of the light industry sector in our country, and the creation of new jobs, especially for Tajik women and youth”.

UNIDO joined hands with the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Tajikistan to revive and explore the creativity and rich cultural heritage of Tajikistan to develop the textile and carpet weaving industries, creating new jobs for men and women. The project strengthened institutional cooperation between national governmental, non-governmental organizations and vocational training institutions, as well as private sector enterprises. This resulted in the establishment of a training centre and showroom for showcasing products designed and created by local craftsmen and enterprises.

Three new creative home textile and carpet collections were created as part of the joint brand, and these were shown at more than 16 national and international exhibitions, while commercial contracts for new products were signed with leading international hotel and retail chains in Tajikistan. All of the brand’s products were united by a single concept, featuring the characteristic use of traditional Tajik patterns and adras fabric, and made using hand and machine embroidery.

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Iqbol Abdurahmanova, manager of one of the pilot beneficiary companies noted, “UNIDO provided design expertise, which has helped us to produce better quality products with new contemporary designs, which will help us to expand our buyers groups and to reach the foreign market in the future.” Today, "LAAL Textiles" products are in demand not only in the Tajik market, but also in regional markets, stimulating the country’s export potential and generating a positive image in external markets.

In January 2018, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Tajikistan named the brand “LA’AL Textiles” the Best National Brand for its contribution to sustainable industrial development in Tajikistan and to the creation of new jobs, as well as facilitating expanding exports of Tajik products.

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