Laying the foundations of a new industrial development programme for Kyrgyzstan

Laying the foundations of a new industrial development programme for Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK, 6 September 2017 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Kyrgyzstan today took an additional step towards formulating a new industrial development plan for the country under UNIDO’s innovative multi-stakeholder partnership model, or Programme for Country Partnership (PCP). The findings of UNIDO’s desk review were presented to key national stakeholders during a workshop organized together with the Kyrgyz Republic’s Investment Council.

This consultation process with representatives from the government, industry associations, academia, civil society and development partners is an important part of a diagnostic conducted by UNIDO for the formulation of the country’s PCP and industrial development strategy.

Talaibek Koichumanov, professor and former Minister of Finance and Minister of Economy, opened the workshop. Participants discussed a number of topics including infrastructure, education, environmental protection and issues related to specific industries. They provided feedback and voiced their interests and concerns related to UNIDO’s review, which included a market analysis, and the findings of research relevant to the topics.

The comments received during the workshop will be given due consideration for the identification of key challenges and opportunities for the country’s inclusive and sustainable industrial development. This will help lay the foundation for the next step of the diagnostic, which involves in-depth studies on manufacturing industries and cross-cutting issues.

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Nobuya Haraguchi

Industrial Research Officer

UNIDO Institute for Capacity Development


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