New publication to mark World Metrology Day 2020

New publication to mark World Metrology Day 2020

VIENNA, 20 May 2020 – On the occasion of World Metrology Day, marked on 20 May, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has published insights into the relevance of quality, standards and testing in the fight against COVID-19. Quality control, standards and metrology play a particularly important role in mitigating the negative effects of the global pandemic. The insight document is the result of a virtual panel discussion UNIDO convened as part a series of webinars with international experts from counterpart organizations. The discussion addressed the challenges for Quality Infrastructure thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what measures will need to be taken in the future in order to meet new challenges.

“The standards are important and the testing is important, but behind them is the metrology. If you are not getting the right answers in this kind of a crisis, you have an absolute disaster beyond the immediate disaster,” said Andy Henson, Director of the International Liaison and Communication Department at the International Bureau of Weights and Measurements (BIPM).

Reliability of test results, accreditation, metrology, certification and standards are vital to ensure that health services can combat the novel coronavirus, to maintain the continuity of vital supply chains during the lockdown, to develop the new technologies being created to address the crisis, and to ensure occupational health and safety and organizational resilience in the post-crisis period.

The World Metrology Day is realized jointly by the BIPM and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).

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