New UNIDO projects to support Cuba’s sustainable industrial development

New UNIDO projects to support Cuba’s sustainable industrial development

HAVANA, 24 June 2016 – Three new projects by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) will support Cuba on its path towards  inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

This initiative was announced at the International Convention for Cuban Industry (CUBAINDUSTRIA 2016) event, which ended today in Cuba’s capital, Havana.

The three projects will be implemented by UNIDO in collaboration with the Ministry of Industries, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, and the Ministry of Culture.

The first project, worth USD 1.5 million, will support the formulation and implementation of Cuba’s industrial policy. Funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the project aims to boost Cuba’s industrial competitiveness through a more focused and evidence-based industrialization strategy. 

The second project will focus on upgrading and modernizing Cuba’s technology and enterprises, especially in the agro-chemical and agricultural machinery production sectors. This project received USD 2 million from the Russian Federation.

The third project will help develop the country’s music industry value chain.  Worth a total of USD 1.3 million, and also funded by KOICA, it intends to promote entrepreneurship and extend the export value of the music industry.

Taking into account the fact that the Organization marks its 50th anniversary this year, highlights of the cooperation between UNIDO and Cuba in the course of the last five decades were presented. Among them were the scale-up of technologies for the paper industry, the transfer of advanced technology for pharmaceutical synthesis productions, and the strengthening of standards of the biotechnology and genetic engineering productions.

UNIDO has also prepared the Country Programme Framework 2016–2020 which will help strengthen the competitiveness of Cuba’s priority industrial sectors, as identified by the Government. The Framework was signed by the Minister of Industry, Salvador Pardo Cruz, and UNIDO Director General, LI Yong, during the 16th session of the UNIDO General Conference held in December 2015.

The CUBAINDUSTRIA 2016 event attracted more than 600 entrepreneurs and researchers, as well as representatives of KOICA, the Russian Federation, and  such UN agencies as the Food and Agriculture Organization, the United Nations Development Programme and the World Food Programme.

More information, please contact:

Carlos Chanduvi Suarez
Chief, UNIDO's Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Division

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