PCP industrial diagnostic study validated by Rwandan stakeholders

PCP industrial diagnostic study validated by Rwandan stakeholders

Cover photo: by Paul Kagame licensed under CC BY 3.0

KIGALI, 8 October 2021 – An industrial diagnostic study carried out by experts from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has been validated by Rwanda’s Permanent Secretary the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Yves Bernard Ningabire, and other relevant Rwandan stakeholders, paving the way for the formulation of a Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) Rwanda.

The PCP is UNIDO’s innovative model for accelerating inclusive and sustainable industrial development in Member States. Aligned with the national development agenda and focused on sectors with high growth potential, the programme supports a country in achieving its industrial development goals.

UNIDO’s industrial diagnostic study identified adequate skills for industry 4.0, circular economy, sustainable energy, governance and integrated value chains are the selected thematic areas of interventions.

The food, textile wearing apparel, leather, paper, chemicals, non-metallic minerals, basic metals, motor vehicles and other transport equipment have been selected as industrial priority sectors.

Aurelia Calabrò, UNIDO’s Regional Director who covers Rwanda, said, “Knowledge about the state of the country in different domains of inclusive and sustainable industrial development is crucial to identify the impact that the PCP Rwanda wants to achieve, as well as the indicators that need to be targeted, based on a reliable set of information.

The industrial diagnostic study sets the strategic foundations for the formulation of the PCP document that will be discussed by the Government of Rwanda, relevant stakeholders and the UNIDO PCP Rwanda team over the coming months.

During the online validation meeting, Rwanda’s Ministry Of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) acknowledged the relevance of the UNIDO industrial diagnostic study for the on-going drafting of a new, national industrial policy.

The UNIDO Rwanda industrial diagnostic study is available here.

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Aurelia Patrizia Calabrò, UNIDO Representative and Director of the Regional Office Hub in Ethiopia


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