Research Update No.4

Research Update No.4

Vienna, 7 March 2008 - Research Update No.4 rounds out the year by revealing the latest rankings for competitive industrial performance worldwide. The findings from two international conferences on African industrial performance and opportunities are featured in this number, while the personal perspectives column offers an approach to putting the least developed countries (LDCs) on the fast track to economic prosperity.

Going from strength to strength as an internationally recognized benchmark for comparative economics since its launch four years ago, UNIDO’s 2007 Industrial Development Scoreboard ranks 100 countries according to competitive industrial performance. The blending of industrial development indicators with manufacturing value added, manufacturing exports per capita, industrialization intensity and export quality makes it a unique tool for measuring economic performance in both developed and developing countries.

Emanating from a meeting of internationally renowned economists in Tokyo, the experiences of Africa and Asia provide economic insights by comparing productivity and growth in the two continents. A candid assessment emerges of policy options in the crucial areas of foreign direct investment and technology diffusion.

In honour of the late Indian economist Sanjay Lall, an international conference in New Delhi offers the latest thinking on the potential for cooperation between India and Africa in industry, trade and investment. As well as looking at cooperation from a macroeconomic perspective, opportunities are identified in six specific sectors of industrial activity crucial for African development.

With an 80-year gap in manufacturing value added between the world’s poorest nations and other developing countries, UNIDO statistician Shyam Upadhyaya tackles the issue of identifying a viable solution for bridging the divide. Drawing on statistical analysis from the Research and Statistics Branch, he suggests an approach for LDCs to catch up with the rest of the Third World in 25 years and with industrialized nations in 50 years.

Mr. Yoshiteru Uramoto, Deputy to the Director-General, Managing Director Programme Coordination and Field Operations division

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