UNIDO and GACC partnering to upgrade Ethiopia's livestock industry

UNIDO and GACC partnering to upgrade Ethiopia's livestock industry

VIENNA, 12 March 2019 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), together with the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC), have organized a workshop to improve collaboration on a project to upgrade Ethiopia's livestock sector. The workshop focused primarily on cooperation between UNIDO, the GACC, Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia and the Chinese construction company, the CGCOC Group.

The workshop further served as a platform for information and knowledge-sharing with a focus on project implementation and improving the quality and safety of livestock products, including the establishment of a pilot exportation zone and a meat-processing park. Participants also discussed additional potential areas for partnership within the framework of UNIDO's Programme for Country Partnership (PCP), South-South and Triangular Cooperation, and the Belt and Road Initiative.

“With the objective to improve the productivity and quality of livestock sector in Ethiopia, a project on upgrading the livestock value chain has been developed within the framework of Programme for Country Partnership Ethiopia,” said Dejene Tezera, Director of UNIDO's Department of Agri-Business. “Sustainable industrialization and scaling-up of interventions for greater impact require strong partnership between private and public sectors,” added Tezera.

GUO Xueyan, Deputy Director General of the GACC’s Department of International Cooperation, appreciated the important roles played by UNIDO in promoting inclusive and sustainable industrial development, in particular through the PCP model. “The GACC will continue to partner with UNIDO on the development of the livestock sector in Ethiopia and other potential areas such as food safety, quarantine, Special Economic Zones and industrial parks, and trade facilitation,” Guo said.

Workshop participants agreed that closer triangular cooperation between UNIDO, China and Ethiopia will be promoted to expedite joint implementation of the livestock project. Based on the discussion, a joint technical working group comprising experts from UNIDO, GACC and Ethiopia's Ministry of Agriculture will be established to implement the livestock project.

In addition, representatives from the CGCOC Group Ethiopia, gave a briefing on a proposed masterplan for the overall transformation of Ethiopia’s livestock sector through establishing a disease-free zone, a pilot exportation zone and a livestock agro-processing industrial park within the disease-free zone.

UNIDO and GACC further discussed cooperation possibilities within the framework of the PCP, in particular, Special Economic Zones in Morocco and fruit exports from Cambodia.

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