UNIDO and Viet Nam committed to inclusive and sustainable industrial development

UNIDO and Viet Nam committed to inclusive and sustainable industrial development

DA NANG, 27 June 2018 – UNIDO Director General LI Yong is leading a large UNIDO delegation to the Sixth Assembly and Associated Meetings of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which is taking place in Central Viet Nam. In addition to meeting Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, Li is attending a series of bilateral meetings with senior government and United Nations officials, during which UNIDO is reiterating its commitment to support Viet Nam’s inclusive and sustainable industrial development efforts.

Since 1978, UNIDO has consistently provided integrated advisory services on industrial policy and competitiveness strategy as well as targeted technical assistance to Viet Nam, based on the country’s national priorities and its socio-economic conditions.

With more than US$100m in grant expenditure, UNIDO’s technical cooperation activities have been carried out across a broad range of fields, from supporting government institutions to developing traditional industry, and from promoting investment to strengthening productivity.

An integral aspect of UNIDO’s work in Viet Nam focuses on international best practices to support the private sector and technical and industrial research organizations. These services include facilitating technology transfer, trade capacity-building, human resource development, environmental protection, energy efficiency and responsible business practices.

Building on a wealth of worldwide experience, UNIDO also focuses its assistance on strengthening institutional capacity for the preparation and implementation of industrial and trade development strategies and policies. Looking foward, UNIDO’s priority areas will encompass cleaner production and energy efficiency.

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