UNIDO Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation in India

UNIDO Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation in India

Some of the major players in global industry and trade today are the developing countries – a group simply known as the South. In the last two and a half decades, the share of the South in world manufacturing and exports has doubled and South-South trade is rapidly increasing. If the rise of some countries in the South is to be harnessed for the mutual benefit of all, it calls for a qualitative enhancement of South-South cooperation. To tackle new challenges in the areas of trade, investment promotion and industrial development, new institutions and systems are needed and UNIDO responded with a project to launch South-South Cooperation Centres  in some of the more advanced developing countries like India, China, South Africa, Egypt and Brazil.

In February 2007, the first UNIDO Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation (UCSSIC)  was formally launched in New Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, Director-General of UNIDO, said: “The role of South-South cooperation in linking development, expansion of trade and poverty reduction is not a new subject in the international development dialogue. However, it is faced with new challenges and arguably has a greater potential today than ever before”. In his address, Mr. Kamal Nath, India’s Commerce and Industry Minister, observed: “India has as much to learn as to teach, as much to receive as to give. Mutual benefit is the defining phrase. We see the South-South Centre as a project which is global in its reach and scope”.

The UNIDO Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation:


  • Assists in adapting successful policies and practices among developing countries in attracting investment, promoting trade and developing industries;
  • Disseminates best practices among MSMEs, thus making them more productive and competitive;
  • Transfers modern and suitable technologies and tailors them to the specific needs of recipient countries;
  • Improves networking among developing countries in investment promotion and industrial development; and
  • Diffuses best practices in South-South trade with export promotion based on international quality standards.


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