UNIDO furthers youth involvement through internship agreement with University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance

UNIDO furthers youth involvement through internship agreement with University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance

VIENNA, 24 July 2018 - The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance (UTokyo Ocean Alliance) today signed an agreement to cement their cooperation on UNIDO’s Internship Programme.

“I greatly appreciate UNIDO’s considerable efforts for our internship programme. We want to strengthen the relationship between UNIDO and UTokyo Ocean Alliance to further develop human resources that possess a high level of expertise in marine affairs and global sustainable development,” said Prof. Shingo Kimura, Vice Director of UTokyo Ocean Alliance. “To realize this purpose, we will continue to give opportunities for students to participate in internships in international organizations.”

The agreement follows the visit of UNIDO’s Director General, LI Yong, to the University of Tokyo in April 2018 during which he opened a symposium exploring the role of innovation and youth in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We hope that the students’ participation in the UNIDO Internship Programme will not only enable them to develop a good understanding of the Organization’s goals and mission but also to enhance their knowledge and expertise, and contribute to advancing inclusive and sustainable industrial development around the world,” said Konstantin Ivanov, Deputy Director of UNIDO’s Department of Human Resources Management.

UTokyo Ocean Alliance – Japan’s largest think tank for ocean-related issues – provides a breeding ground for new ideas and innovations in ocean science and technology. It promotes the sustainable use of our oceans through cooperation among specialists of various disciplines. Since 2016, around 10 students with backgrounds ranging from fishery to renewable energy have been dispatched by UTokyo Ocean Alliance to perform internships with UNIDO.

Jun Yanagi, Minister of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, praised the agreement between Japan’s academia and UNIDO, reaffirming its potential to enhance the UNIDO-Japan partnership. “The Programme offers highly motivated Japanese youth the opportunity to gather valuable experience for their future careers. Japan hopes that its young talent will contribute to achieving the SDGs from the perspective of “innovation”, one of the prioritized areas in Japan’s SDGs Action Plan 2018.”

UNIDO’s Internship Programme dates back to the 1990s and continues to grow thanks to new partnerships and more youth involvement in sustainable development projects. The programme provides interns with on-the-job training, exposure to global development issues and opportunities to contribute in identifying solutions.

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