UNIDO hosts meeting on UN System-wide coherence

UNIDO hosts meeting on UN System-wide coherence

Vienna, 3 March 2008 - UNIDO is hosting a high-level dialogue on United Nations System-wide coherence from 4-5 March 2008 at its headquarters in Vienna. Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, UNIDO Director-General, will open the meeting and Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, will deliver the keynote address.

The meeting brings together top officials from governments, the Co-Chairs of the United Nations General Assembly Consultations on System-wide coherence, representatives from the "Delivering as One" pilot countries and aid agencies, as well as senior officials from United Nations system organizations.

The objective of the high-level dialogue is to focus discussions on the development aspects of system-wide coherence and the "Delivering as One" initiative - two key components in the UN reform agenda - among representatives of governments, aid agencies and United Nations system organizations. Aiming to reach a common understanding of the issues involved and ways of moving forward, the dialogue will review the status of inter-governmental consultations on system-wide coherence and the next steps to be taken. Representatives from Member States and the United Nations family will also discuss the experience of the "Delivering as One" pilot countries based on the stocktaking exercise initiated by the Deputy Secretary-General at the end of 2007. A better understanding of these processes is expected to contribute to the identification of ways in which both can be strengthen to achieve greater coherence and be mutually re-enforcing.

The meeting is organized in six sessions to tackle different issues: the intergovernmental process on system-wide coherence; the perspectives on advancing UN System-wide coherence, the need for a comprehensive and strategically focused UN System response to national development priorities; funding the pilots for coherence; empowering the Resident Coordinator; and harmonizing business models and practices.

Background information, provisional annotated agenda and programme and information for Member States available here.