UNIDO launches report on the G20 initiative on industrialization in Africa and Least Developed Countries

UNIDO launches report on the G20 initiative on industrialization in Africa and Least Developed Countries

VIENNA, 13 November 2019 - During a workshop organized by UNDP and OECD for the G20 Development Working Group on 21 and 22 October in New York, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) launched the report on the G20 Initiative “Supporting Industrialization in Africa and LDCs, Review of Progress”.

The G20 initiative on Supporting Industrialization in Africa and LDCs was introduced in 2016 by the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Hangzhou, China, based on a report led by UNIDO. Since then, the G20 has been working to encourage voluntary policy action in G20 areas related to industrialization as a critical component in economic transformation, job creation and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This year’s report was prepared by UNIDO in response to the request by the G20 Development Working Group to review progress on the initiative since the time of its adoption by the Development Working Group. It examines current industrialization trends in Africa and LDCs, discussing how the initiative was designed to support industrialization and taking stock of the actions undertaken by G20 countries to support policy action. The report also presents the perceptions by both G20 members and African and Least Developed Countries on the relevance and effectiveness of the 2016 G20 initiative.

Findings show that, while G20 members as well as African and Least Developed Countries agree that the G20 initiative addresses a core development challenge, business-as-usual is not going to deliver the required results. On the one hand, the G20 initiative has not so far had the visibility it would deserve among African countries and LDCs. On the other hand, governments in these countries need to make a steep change to successfully implement industrialization policies that will meet their ambitions.

The report also highlights the important role of the G20 and of its members to further support countries in the implementation of industrialization measures, and recommends three low-cost actions that can improve effectiveness of the G20 initiative:

  • First, the report calls on the G20 to leverage its convening power to put a greater spotlight on industrialization, particularly when focusing on Africa and LDCs.
  • Second, it encourages the G20 agenda to continue to report on progress on the initiative and link it more systematically to other G20 initiatives and the G20 2030 Agenda Action Plan.
  • Finally, there is an opportunity and need to strengthen collaboration between G20 Members and beneficiaries around practical measures for industrialization and the development of toolkits around such practical measures.

In this context, some African countries involved in the review suggested that UNIDO could convene further G20 meetings as the Organization is best positioned to continue supporting industrialization efforts in Africa and LDCs through technical assistance, policy support and convening and normative measures. The report was well received by the G20 Development Working Group as it reflected on industrialization initiatives and informed on a revision of the accountability framework of the group.

Please download the report here.

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