UNIDO promotes latest e-commerce trends in BRICS+ countries

UNIDO promotes latest e-commerce trends in BRICS+ countries

ABU DHABI, 5 November 2019 – On the sidelines of the eighteenth session of its General Conference, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) organized a side event on Industry 4.0, during which the UNIDO publication “BRICS+ E-commerce Development Report in 2018” was officially released.

The publication is one of the outputs of the UNIDO e-commerce “Promote the development and cooperation of SMEs between China and other BRICS countries through e-commerce development”, which sought to support SME growth in BRICS countries through e-commerce development.

The main purpose of the publication is to provide readers with the latest e-commerce trends that are taking place in BRICS countries, with the scope of the report increased through the introduction of “plus” countries such as Austria, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Mexico and United Kingdom, which have a significant potential to contribute to global e-commerce development.

In particular, the report provides a country-specific analysis on e-commerce development focusing on infrastructure, domestic and cross border e-commerce, e-commerce regulations and MSMEs’ participation and challenges in e-commerce; it suggests the potential of e-commerce cooperation among BRICS+ and provides policy recommendations to address their respective challenges; and highlights the examples of best practices and successful business models.

UNIDO and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences partnered to guide the preparation of the report, with numerous national e-commerce experts contributing to specific chapters; UNIDO envisions that the publication will provide value insights to global e-commerce decision makers in promoting the e-commerce model globally.

Please download the full report here.

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Raymond Tavares

Industrial Development Officer

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