UNIDO shows strong participation at the Sixth GEF Assembly

UNIDO shows strong participation at the Sixth GEF Assembly

DA NANG, 29 June 2018 – A UNIDO delegation led by Director General LI Yong took active part in the Sixth Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assembly held between 23 and 29 June 2018 in Da Nang, Viet Nam. The event marks the beginning of the seventh replenishment of the GEF (GEF-7)  which has achieved donor pledges of US$4.1 billion for the next four-year cycle – and brought together environmental ministers and other senior officials from the GEF’s 183 member countries.

“Inclusive and sustainable industrial development enables UNIDO to target the drivers of environmental degradation with co-benefits such as increased economic growth, new jobs and shared prosperity. It is here that we see a strong alliance with the objectives of the GEF,” said Director General Li in his address to the Plenary. “Looking towards GEF-7, the Programming Directions demonstrate a shared vision for the future. Both UNIDO and the GEF understand that country ownership, robust partnerships and integrated solutions are driving forces for transformational change.”

UNIDO is currently implementing 200 projects in almost 80 countries, targeting all GEF focal areas by using the power of industry. During his statement, Li emphasized five key priority areas that will define the UNIDO-GEF partnership over the coming four years: clean energy innovation, sustainable cities, circular economy, elimination of mercury in the artisanal gold mining sector, and sustainable food systems.

Participating in a high-level roundtable on innovation in clean energy, DG Li reiterated UNIDO’s commitment to working with the GEF and Member States to accelerate the clean energy transition by promoting clean technology innovation and sustainable business model. “We will continue to work to strengthen capacities of startups and SMEs of developing and emerging economies to fully participate and benefit from the opportunities embedded in the clean energy transition, and to maximize the synergies between energy transition and industrial transformation.”

Li also participated in a roundtable discussion together with Ministers, private sector representatives and Convention Heads on “Preventing a toxic legacy: transforming the chemicals industry”.

UNIDO and its partners organized five side events during the Assembly on the topics which are central to the UNIDO-GEF partnership: cleantech innovation, energy access and supply, circular economy, sustainable food systems, and eco-industrial parks. The participation of national decision-makers provided an opportunity to start identifying areas of cooperation under GEF-7.

A site visit to the Eco-Industrial Park project in Da Nang was also organized to showcase how UNIDO’s technical assistance has helped local industries apply resource efficiency and cleaner production approaches to reduce their impact on the local environment while improving their productivity.

Find out more about DG Li’s activities in Viet Nam here.

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