UNIDO’s Global Innovation Center discusses 3D printing in China

UNIDO’s Global Innovation Center discusses 3D printing in China

SHANGHAI, 25 January - WANG Genxiang and WU Yugang, the Director and the Deputy Director of the Global Innovation Center (GIC), visited the Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association (SAMA) to discuss international cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, and also to set-up a 3D printing demonstration facility within the framework of the UNIDO project “Strengthening the Global Innovation Network on inclusive and sustainable industrial development” in China.

Co-funded by the government, universities and research institutions, SAMA is a physical platform for professional training, which specializes in additive manufacturing technology, and that aims at promoting the continued deployment of additive manufacturing technology.

The cooperation between the GIC and the SAMA will seek to establish a global team of experts in science, technology and innovation while promoting the development of 3D printing. As such, the partners envisage to jointly host a conference on 3D printing innovation and technology and to promote together 3D printing technology in Shanghai and throughout the world.

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