UNIDO’s “safe leather” approach introduced at 2018 AICSLT conference in China

UNIDO’s “safe leather” approach introduced at 2018 AICSLT conference in China

XI'AN, 17 October 2018 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) introduced its “safe leather” approach at the 11th Asian International Conference of Leather Science and Technology (AICSLT) organized by the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and hosted by the China Leather Industry Association.

During the opening ceremony, UNIDO project manager Ivan Kral announced the release of the Organization’s innovative “first aid at the workplace” training tool, which comprises eight online modules. The training tool follows the approach of previous successful courses prepared by UNIDO for the leather sector, including the recent “how to deal with hydrogen sulphide gas” module. The new training tool complements other learning material available from the online platform of the UNIDO Institute, a web-based resource centre for the community of practitioners in industrial development issues.

“Safe must mean safe for operators and workers, as well as safe for consumers and communities,” said Kral during his keynote speech. “All UNIDO tools and methodologies seek to build the productive capacities of our Member States, and therefore contribute to their inclusive and sustainable industrial development, or ISID.”

Under the theme “Science and Technology Innovation Boosts the Transformation and Development of Global Leather Industry”, this year’s Conference focused on scientific research pertaining to leather, leather chemicals, cleaner technologies for leather manufacture, composite materials and utilization of leather waste resource, environmental protection technologies in leather industry, progress on the detection techniques in leather-making, enterprises management and sustainable development of leather industry and intelligent manufacturing of leather products.

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