Laura Frigenti


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation


Prior to her appointment as Director for the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Ms. Frigenti served as Vice-President of the Global Development Practice, a United States association of non-governmental organizations operating at the international level in the spheres of emergency and humanitarian aid and development cooperation.

Ms. Frigenti previously spent nearly 20 years at the World Bank, which she joined in 1994 and where she progressed to increasingly senior positions: lead specialist for social protection for Africa (2000-2001); Country Programme Coordinator for Turkey (2001-2002); Sector Manager for Human Development for Africa (2002-2007); Country Programme Director for Central American countries (2008- 2010); Director of Strategy and Director of Operations for Latin America and the Caribbean (2010-2012) and Africa (2012); and Chief of Staff and Director of the President’s office (2012-2013). She has been active in the development cooperation sector since 1984.


  • Director

    Italian Agency for Development Cooperation