Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy


Elisabetta Illy is a photographer and journalist. She founded a photo agency - Picture of Change - to share stories of positive change from all over the world and to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals. She has made it her mission to document the reality of different cultures and showcase the beauty our planet withholds.

“Today, we can’t say we don’t know.” Elisabetta Illy believes we have all the right means to know even the most remote places on earth, and that the end goal is for local communities to be able to promote their products and sustain their economies. Elisabetta Illy was appointed UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador focusing on creative industries and food safety.

In UNIDO, Elisabetta Illy has found a partner that shares her approach and works towards the same goals – inclusive and sustainable industrial development and economic growth of developing countries.