Jaruwan Khammuang


Fang Thai Factory


Mrs.Jaruwan Khammuang established Fang Thai Factory Limited Partnership, located in Lampang Province in Thailand, is an innovative company which has developed the technology to produce paper from the rice straw, a residue of the rice crop (patent pending), which has lead the company to win several national and international awards. Fang Thai offers customers a high-quality product at a compelling price, doing it in a sustainable way and having a great impact in the community.

Fang Thai produces high-quality biodegradable paper and packaging from rice straw with no hazardous chemicals added during the process. In addition, the company will sell its wet pulp to companies that want to produce paper in a sustainable way. Among other certifications, the Natural Material and Fiber Group, Division of Engineering Materials Department of Science Service states that Fang Thai’s rice straw paper is mercury and heavy metals free and has no AOX substance. In addition, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand calculates the products’ carbon footprint and, considering this, Fang Thai is able to reduce approximately 28.000 tons of CO2 emissions per year addressing in this way one of the most important issues of the industry.


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