Cristina Martinez

Senior Specialist Environment and Decent Work

International Labour Organization (ILO)


Dr Cristina Martinez is a Senior Specialist Environment and Decent Work at the International Labour Organization (ILO). Cristina works at the ILO office in Bangkok and she is also part of the ILO Global Team on Green Jobs and the Green Initiative.

Previously Cristina has worked at the following organizations: (i) Asian Development Bank (ADB) as an Education Specialist (skills and Employment); (ii) Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) were she held positions as Advisor of the Knowledge Sharing Alliance at the Secretary General Office and Senior Policy Analyst at the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development (CFE); and (iii) Western Sydney University (Australia) as an Associate Professor.
At ADB she contributed to ADB's vision of an Asia and Pacific region free of poverty by improving education systems and the link between skills and jobs, modernizing workforce learning through knowledge intensive activities, and fostering TVET strategies for inclusive growth. She specialised in new sources of employment growth and innovation in the green economy (greening jobs and skills towards low-carbon activities and clean energy transition), and from the emerging markets linked with demographic change (older workers, older customers, health services for the elderly).

At the OECD she was responsible for implementing the OECD’s knowledge sharing agenda with non-member countries through leveraging the OECD’s multi-disciplinary expertise, engaging in mutual learning processes with emerging and developing economies, and increasing impacts by working closely with multi- and bilateral organisations having a field presence. Dr. Martinez supported OECD’s enhanced engagement with partner countries through policy dialogue and collaboration on key strategic priority projects focusing on green growth in dynamic Asia, an observatory of public service innovation in Indonesia, policy frameworks for investment in Asia, new approaches of economic changes (NAEC), regional consultations for inclusive growth, policy networks in Southeast Asia, anti-corruption scanning, policy dialogue on natural resources-based development, policy coherence for illicit flows and Global Value Chains (GVCs), and the global dialogue on water security. She was the founder and convenor of the OECD Green Skills Forum.

Cristina is an Adjunct Fellow, Dean's Unit, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University, affiliated with the Humanitarian and Development Research Initiative (HADRI).


  • Senior Specialist Environment and Decent Work

    International Labour Organization (ILO)