Junichi SONO


Kitakyushu Asian Center for low Carbon Society


Director of Kitakyushu Asian Center for low Carbon Society, City of Kitakyushu

Graduated from Meiji University

Kitakyushu City has grown up a leading runner of environmental-friend city in spite of industrial city. Kitakyushu City laid out its own plans to brand itself as a “World Capital for Sustainable Development” and a “Technology Capital of Asia ” and received  many trainees from Asian countries and also dispatched our city staffs to Asian countries since 1980. At present City of Kitakyushu are promoting the concept of “Green Growth” toward the region of Asia .

These activities of City of Kitakyushu have been highly evaluated at the global level. Recently, in July of 2011, Kitakyushu city was selected as a “Green Growth Model City” by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the first city in Asia, in which economic growth and environmental policies complement one another.

Kitakyushu Eco Town is one of the core projects of their “Green Growth Model City” and Mr. SONO is a key person of this project.


  • Director

    Kitakyushu Asian Center for low Carbon Society