Wael Olama


Perfect Spinning Co.


Li & Fung Egypt (Perfect Trading Inc.) - Chairman, subsidiary of Li & Fung Group, the world leading supply chain management company, headquartered in Hong Kong, with 250 branches in 48 countries and an annual turnover of 20 billion US Dollars. 
Egyptian Spinning and Weaving Company - Board Member (Founder & Former Managing Director), a 280 thousand square meter comprehensive industrial complex for textile industries in Sadat City, producing fine counts made from long staple Egyptian cotton for export. www.EgyptianSpinning.com
Perfect Spinning Company - Chairman, A spinning company specialized in manufacturing & exporting of regenerated yarn.
Alsa Limited - Chairman, a Hong Kong company working in trading consultations for spinning, weaving and garments operations.
Luma Trading Limited - Board Member, a Hong Kong company working in textile industry and international trade.


  • Chairman

    Perfect Spinning Co.