Development and adoption of appropriate technologies for enhancing productivity in the Indian bicycle and bicycle parts sector


The bicycle industry in India faces several challenges such as increased competition from imports, poor manufacturing practices, the continued production of low-end “traditional” bicycles, and the usage of outdated technology. A majority of Indian bicycle manufacturers are currently unable to make and sell the type of bicycles demanded in global markets, which are aesthetically and technically superior, made from lighter materials, allow multiple-speed settings and require several special components. There is a need to build awareness and knowledge on latest technologies, institutional facilities for the product design, processes and testing, communication and networking with the international bicycle industry, global market intelligence for bicycle design and global best practices and manufacturing processes.


The objective of the UNIDO project is to strengthen the global competitive position of the Indian bicycle industry. The project aims to achieve this by strengthening the capacity and capability of the nodal technical institution - the Research and Development Centre for Bicycle and Sewing Machine (RDCBSM), as well as two Indian bicycle industry associations: the All India Cycle Manufacturers’ Association (AICMA) and the United Cycle Parts Manufacturers Association (UCPMA) - to provide management and technical support to the Indian bicycle industry.


The project interventions expected to facilitate:

  • ENHANCED technical expertise of RDCBSM and the associations and their ability to address industry-wide challenges
  • STRENGTHENING of RDCBSM’s service portfolio and support to the industry, including the testing facilities at RDCBSM
  • EXPANSION of RDCBSM’s and the associations’ institutional linkages with international technical partners and industry actors.

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