Industrial Upgrading and Modernization Programme - Publications

IUMP Brochure

Industrial Upgrading and Modernization Programme: Taking your industry to the next level

IUMP Armenia

Project brochure - Improving competitiveness of export-oriented industries through modernization and market access

Project brochure - Phase II


Project brochure - Technological and enterprise upgrading of agro-chemicals and agricultural machinery production sectors

Sectoral strategy brochure - For technological and enterprise upgrading of fertilizers and agricultural machinery


Sectoral Strategy

For technological and enterprise upgrading of fertilizers and agricultural machinery

IUMP Tajikistan

Project brochure - Industrial modernization and competitiveness improvement of carpet weaving, embroidery and textile sector

Project collections

LAAL Textiles - Home Textiles Catalogue

LAAL Textiles - Carpet Collection Catalogue

IUMP Tanzania

Project brochure - Upgrading and strengthening tourism market linkages for local agro-processors

Project brochure - Industrial upgrading and modernization project

Tanzania UN Trade Cluster Programme

Sustainable Bush Value Chains in Namibia

Project brochure - Promoting sustainable bush-processing value chains in Namibia

IUMP Kyrgyz Republic

Project brochure - Development of cost-effective building materials production

Technical manual - Mud stabilized blocks: Production and use

Technical manual - Thermal insulation: Properties and applications in housing

Technical displays:

Kyrgyzstan_Tech_Display_1-1 Kyrgyzstan_Tech_Display_2-1 Kyrgyzstan_Tech_Display_3-1 Kyrgyzstan_Tech_Display_4-1 Kyrgyzstan_Tech_Display_5-1 Kyrgyzstan_Tech_Display_6-1 Kyrgyzstan_Tech_Display_7-1
Thermal modification technology for durable soft wood Mud stabilized blocks Extrusion technology for tiles Sheep wool insulation Straw mat knitting machine Natural stone splitting machine Shotcrete technology

IUMP Central Africa

Brochure du projet - Programme de restructuration et de mise de l'Afrique Centrale

IUMP East Africa

Project brochure - Industrial upgrading and modernization programme for East Africa region