Circular Economy Development of Recycling Industries

Background information and objectives

As proposed in SDG 9 and 12, UNIDO Environment Department is increasingly focusing on Circular Economy and the industrial development opportunities this brings. This ISID supporting area of work can be approached from several entry points; of which recycling of material flows and ensuring their adherence to requirements of contamination and other quality standards is an increasingly important aspect.

The department, and particularly ENV/SCD, has over the last years successfully launched a number of projects supporting this overall aim. The initiatives are covering all UNIDO regions including LAC E-waste, Thailand metals recycling, Philippines e-waste, Senegal recycling industry development and SADC regional project avoiding open burning through the introduction of recycling. While some concepts are being honed and optimized there is still a need of having a fuller consultation with UNIDO Member State representative in order to ensure relevance of proposed programming.

Circular Economy: Development of Recycling Industries meeting 2018 aims to promote and strengthen UNIDO’s services in this key; provide directions for programming for the coming years; and coordinate sector institutions in the targeted regions to reach consensus on matters of adaptive action planning, regular coordination mechanisms and concerted project development and resource mobilization efforts to avoid overlapping.

Expected outcomes

  • A well-organized meeting showcasing UNIDO leadership and importance in convening industrial development topics relevant to UNIDO Member States.
  • Establish UNIDO’s role in Circular Economy and foster dialogue on global environmental cooperation and to put forward recommendations on global initiatives of mutual benefit.
  • Identification of additional project opportunities and resource mobilization in further advancing recycling industries which will result in global, regional
  • Day 1
  • Day 2