CSR research


Identifying the impact and relevance of CSR in SMEs

UNIDO has carried out substantive research in the field of CSR related issues and their relevance in the sphere of small and medium enterprises in developing countries. In 2002, the organization published one of its first papers on this topic: Corporate Social Responsibility - Implications for SMEs in Developing Countries.

After that followed a variety of joint research activities, amongst others with the UN Global Compact on Sustainable Supply Chains or Harvard University on Building Linkages for Competitive and Responsible Entrepreneurship.

At the same time, UNIDO singles our specific CSR issues and their SME implications. An example forms the publication on Corruption Prevention to Foster SME Development which was elaborated jointly with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

UNIDO will continue to carry out research on this area as part of CSR projects as well as on a stand alone basis upon request.