Establishment of CSR centres and networks: a coordinated approach towards CSR promotion

Spreading the core values of CSR across local business communities and reaching a critical mass of enterprises requires a coordinated approach. In this context UNIDO assists governments in the establishment of CSR Centres and Networks at the national and regional levels.

By doing so, UNIDO offers possibilities for local stakeholders to learn from best practice examples and experiences of companies or institutions with similar cultural, social and economic contexts. Since Corporate Social Responsibility should not be 'imposed' on a business community but rather be 'home-grown', there is a need to develop an approach to CSR that addresses particular common problems of firms in one locality, country or region (e.g. improving health and safety measures for workers, tackling corruption, enhancing the competitiveness, productivity and market access of local businesses, or creating opportunities for the young generation by promoting responsible entrepreneurship in emerging growth sectors).