Pilot CSR interventions in SMEs: demonstrating the value of CSR through case studies


In order to demonstrate the beneficial impact of CSR on businesses as well as local communities, UNIDO carries out pilot interventions in selected companies.

  • During a first phase, all the relevant economic, social and environmental data of the pilot firms will be collected and a first assessment performed, comparing the data to previously established benchmarks. 
  • The second phase will be the application phase, in which the enterprises jointly with national and international experts will identify possible alternatives to reduce their environmental and social impacts as well as reduce their costs and evaluate them.
  • In a final phase, they will implement those alternatives that are most feasible and practicable with the support of the experts and based on the UNIDO REAP methodology.

Those pilot interventions usually form an integral part of the training of local experts who will be the ones advising the firms on CSR related issues. They will be accompanied occasionally by UNIDO experts during their visits to the pilot firms to be able to combine theoretical knowledge obtained during the classroom trainings with practical on-the-job expertise.

Finally, those activities aim at developing success stories to be presented to other stakeholders, demonstrating the improvements in social and environmental domains that have been achieved in the pilot companies, and the positive impact on the well-being of local communities.