Promotion of Ethical Business Principles: Helping business associations to introduce CSR

UNIDO provides assistance to business associations and chambers of commerce to promote the uptake of CSR across their member companies. In particular, we provide support in:

  • Developing and piloting the implementation of sector specific standards for promoting ethics and transparency amongst SMEs (members of the association), based on available international standards (e.g. upcoming ISO 26000, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Convention against Corruption);
  • Designing an incentive structure within the business associations or chambers of commerce to promote compliance with the standards in the business community and to encourage the reporting on CSR activities;
  • Based on the above mentioned standards, developing sector specific training modules and implementation guidelines for SMEs on CSR issues and create a framework to coordinate the delivery of training amongst vocational training institutions, universities, NGOs, business associations and public sector bodies in a country; and
  • Providing ad-hoc technical assistance to business associations and chambers of commerce on how to promote integrity among their members and support them in the uptake of CSR based business principles.