PHAROS Software Suite

The UNIDO Pharos software suite 2016 introduces a new generation of advanced practical ICT instruments fostering innovative models of Smart Governance and Smart Management for sustainable inclusive development in green metropolitan areas, circular economy and industries.

The platform fosters formulation and implementation of effective policies, solutions, benchmarking and exchange of best practices aiming to improve manpower skills and green technologies in accordance to relevant international quality standards. Its capacity to support a wide range of optional applications is based on the abstract concepts of modeling of real world applications as complex cyber-physical systems by defining their structures, linkages, indicators and other major properties. Linked with multiple data sources via various connectivity networks and running such computerized urban model digitally transforms the big data streams from real world processes into a rich set of value added data driven services and controls answering the needs of the metropolitan stakeholders and various applications.

The customized interactive dashboards and reports of the Pharos suite present underlying urban and industrial processes in real time and foster quick understanding of current system statuses, events, dependencies, trends and prompt actions when necessary. The interactive high level instruments enable various specialists, students and vocational trainees in making their custom complex system models without programming and its easy linking to necessary data sources such as mobiles, sensors, cameras, smart systems, Internet of Things and smart everything, SCADAs, ERPs, MES, third party applications and databases. When done the unique models of particular green metropolitan areas, circular economy and industrial enterprises run in cloud or at premises open to improvement and adaptation to change.     

Examples of real life models for a mid-sized smart city and smart manufacturing enterprise running online are presented here.

The Pharos suite instruments effectively:

• Support quick prototyping of smart green innovation solutions with minimum costs and risks
• Support easy customization and adaptation of application content accordingly to new requirements and standards
• Enable diverse information services for managing, monitoring and control and command of the processes, rich analytics, benchmarking and simulation of optional decisions based on evidence data
• Provide simple holistic integrated vision of multiple processes in real time with capacity for drill-down to necessary causes of events and information details
• Make right actions based on transparency of ongoing results and predictable outcomes
• Experiment with new business and investment models facilitating innovation
• Provide access to high value services for every small and medium size urban area and business based on SaaS pricing model (Software as a Service) making local solutions cost effective and affordable

As novel customizable and robust technology Pharos Navigator enables digital transformation in urban and industrial environment and helps to cope with growing complexity of interlinked metropolitan processes, and its accelerated change by improving transparency and controllability of the stakeholders.

Its applications in green sustainable metropolitan areas, industries and circular economy include inclusive sustainable urban and regional development, empowering practical projects for Smart and Future Cities and Open Big Data and Digital Economy, empowering urban and utility performance measurement with customizable urban indicators and services, smart energy grids, management of environment, assets, quality, safety and risks, condition monitoring and preventive and predictive maintenance, integration of IoT and compliance to relevant international quality standards (smart cities and communities, water, waste, environment, energy, lightning, security, etc).

The Pharos suite foster innovation and upgrading, experimenting with new business models in green economy, energy, resource efficient and cleaner production, condition monitoring and preventive and predictive maintenance, environmental management, as well as practices, productivity methods improving use of materials, energy, water and reduce generation of waste, effluents and emissions, waste management, disposal of contaminated and hazardous materials and compliance to international standards.

Among other high added values, the Pharos suite effectively enrich and enhance the content and quality of the relevant capacity building, educational and learning programmes.

The Pharos suite software and user training are available for participants of UNIDO Pharos workshops here and Smart sustainable inclusive development programmes in green metropolitan areas, circular economy and industries here.

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