Company Project Profile

Company Project Profile (CPP)

What is CPP?

The Company Project Profile (CPP), has been devised to facilitate the standardized formulation of investment projects in preparation of their screening and subsequent promotion through UNIDOs Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPOs).

The profile is divided into several sections thus specifying all relevant information of an investment project. The user has to:

  • classify the project (new project, existing enterprise, ISIC codes, location)
  • specify relevant information on the entrepreneur(s) proposing the investment opportunity
  • provide detailed information on the project
  • provide a link to the COMFAR software in case of financial and economic appraisal
  • define country-related factor costs (energy, communication, transportation or labour costs)  
  • evaluate the entrepreneur(s) and project opportunity.

CPP is currently available in English, French and Italian. Other languages will follow, based on demand.