Cosmetic sector quality programme


Colombia is one of the largest economies in Latin America; however, it is faced with internal and external challenges, and opportunities.

Under the Productive Transformation Program (PTP), a public private partnership, the cosmetic industry has been recognized as one of the country’s sectors with high potential for growth.

Therefore, Colombia aims to become a world leader by 2032, in the manufacturing and the exporting of natural ingredients-based cosmetics.


UNIDO is supporting Colombia’s efforts to integrate into the regional and multilateral trading system by enhancing its trade capacities and performance. This would be carried out through a quality

programme aimed at the cosmetics sector’s productive chain, which is expected to strengthen the National Quality Subsystem (NQS), enhance the technical capacity and improve compliance

with international quality, private and sustainability standards. The project would develop local expertise with the adequate technical knowledge to provide quality-related advisory services to the sector during and after the project duration. Furthermore, it contributes to improving the quality of production and the competitiveness of exported natural ingredients-based cosmetics.


  • The technical capacity of the National Metrology Institute (NMI), the National Accreditation Board (ONAC), and the Superintendence for Industry and Commerce (SIC) are strengthened to serve the cosmetic sector.
  • The national quality infrastructure is strengthened to provide internationally recognized services to the cosmetic sector, in particular key functions providing conformity assessment1.
  • Compliance with international quality, private and sustainability standards, technical regulations and market requirements is enhanced along the natural ingredients Value Chain (VC) for cosmetic production.


Key player’s capacity (e.g. growers, producers/processors, exporters) is enhanced to comply with standards, technical regulations and market requirements along the natural ingredients value chain for cosmetic production. It is foreseen that based on the Government and private sector’s strategy, together with the implementation of UNIDO programme, Colombia would increase the size of the cosmetic sector, it would multiply its exports, and would significantly increase the number of jobs, thus resulting in inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

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