Industrial modernization and competitiveness of carpet weaving, embroidery and textile sectors in Tajikistan



In Tajikistan, textile industries, including carpet weaving and embroidery, are one of the most important economic sectors providing employment and contributing to sustainable economic growth. Currently, however, these manufacturing industries are failing to meet their potential. Local producers are facing a number of problems, including decreasing competitiveness. 

In response, the Government of Tajikistan has adopted a “Programme on development of carpet weaving in the Republic of Tajikistan for the period 2014-2020”. The Programme envisages expansion of the production of hand-made carpets and the creation of new employment opportunities through the introduction of handloom carpet weaving and new technologies. UNIDO’s technical assistance programme to support inclusive and sustainable industrial development will enhance the productivity and competitiveness of Tajik enterprises in the carpet weaving and embroidery manufacturing sectors.


UNIDO’s technical assistance seeks to increase productivity and boost exports in the carpet weaving, embroidery and textile sectors, thus improving Tajikistan’s international position in manufacturing value addition, manufactured exports and global competitiveness. UNIDO assists national counterparts in identifying regional and international market opportunities, in upgrading enterprises and introducing modern technologies and in building managerial capacity. 

Industrial upgrading focuses on improving companies’ financial situation, productive performance, material and energy efficiency, and ability to manufacture according to international standards and technical requirements. Furthermore, capacity building of national experts and business support institutions on applied market positioning, industrial upgrading and export promotion approaches and methodologies can ensure the project’s long-term sustainability.


As a result of the project, Tajik enterprises will enhance their industrial efficiency, expand production, improve in quality and gain access to new markets. The project will contribute to job creation and the development of sector-specific skills. Practices established in beneficiary enterprises as a result of the project will also stimulate the adoption of similar activities in other manufacturing sectors of Tajikistan. 

Overall, the project will stimulate diversification and better integration of the Tajik economy in regional and global markets, contributing to more economic opportunities and reducing Tajikistan’s vulnerability to external economic shocks. Investing in human and institutional capital will boost productivity and speed the transition to a more sustainable growth model.



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