UNIDO Toolkit for sustainable compliance with the methyl bromide phase-out

A practical guide for all stakeholders

This toolkit stems from the contribution of UNIDO to the phase-out of methyl bromide and is aimed at supporting key stakeholders (i.e. National Ozone Units, phytosanitary authorities, growers, fumigators, technical assistants, trainers, researchers, customs officials, chemical importers and pesticide dealers), as well as other parties involved in this thematic area.

Each section of this toolkit (available here) contains its own supporting information, allowing various stakeholders with different needs to use the chapters flexibly. We hope all stakeholders will find this toolkit useful and keep on working for the phase-out of methyl bromide with the enthusiasm and spirit of cooperation which they have shown over the past 20 years.

UNIDO also assists some parties with QPS reporting. A logbook form in this regard has been developed, which licensed fumigators should fill in whenever applying a QPS treatment. The information should then be sent to the NOU every three to four months, for reviewing and consolidating data. The logbook form is intended to collect information on methyl bromide consumption for QPS purposes and should be electronically completed by each fumigator involved in QPS applications with methyl bromide in each country. It should then be submitted to pertinent authorities on a periodical, but specific basis (day, month and year).

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