ERP Implementation at UNIDO

The ERP implementation at UNIDO has been unique because of its holistic approach to change

The ERP implementation at UNIDO has been unique due to various reasons. First of all, the system was implemented under the Programme for Change and Organizational Renewal, which means that UNIDO not simply focused on implementing a new IT system, but holistically addressed the subject of organization-wide change by looking at its vision & strategy, business model/processes, people and organizational culture at the same time. To ensure such a holistic approach, all change initiatives, including the ERP implementation, were managed under one umbrella by the Office for Change and Organizational Renewal (for more information see Governance Structure).

Moreover, UNIDO aimed at supporting all its major business processes by one integrated system. This comprises the Core Business/Technical Cooperation activities which are supported by a Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) solution, Human Capital Management processes, including Payroll, E-Recruitment, Manager and Employee-Self Service, Recruitment and Management of Consultants/Experts, 360 Degree Performance Management, as well as Travel Management, Finance, Procurement, Logistics and Time Management. This means that since end 2013, all major processes are managed through one integrated system, which can be fully accessed from Headquarters and field locations.

UNIDO was the first Organization within the UN system to implement a PPM solution that allows for results-based project management using a detailed logical framework structure that defines outcomes and outputs using KPIs, which are specific to UNIDO's thematic priorities. This enables UNIDO to effectively manage for results and report on results to its stakeholders in real time. In addition, the PPM module is integrated with the Human Capital Management module, which enables resourcing of projects and thus the recruitment of consultants/experts for specific project tasks/outputs through PPM. Similarly, the PPM module is integrated with Procurement, Finance and other modules. Also, UNIDO's PPM solution allows for the management of risks at each stage of the project cycle.

Finally, the key principles of Results-Based Management, Knowledge Management and Risk Management have been embedded throughout the implementation.

Following the closure of PCOR in December 2013, UNIDO is currently taking measures to carry on the change momentum, continue to fine-tune and improve the SAP system in line with business requirements and continue to adopt the “new way of working”

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