PHAROS Software Suite

The UNIDO PHAROS software suite is a simple yet advanced IT platform for entrepreneurs from SMEs. UNIDO has been using this software since its development in 1995. In 2015, the software experienced a major upgrade, offering the following possibilities:

  • informing about business processes and results in near real time;
  • increased usability and functionality through implementing operational dashboards;
  • prompting in-depth analysis and flagging of problems;
  • high customization to user content in defining target objects, processes, indicators and data sources;
  • adaptability to changes of enterprise structure, performance indicators and technologies;
  • automatic data collection from enterprise applications and external data sources (e.g. accounting, quality management, production and sales);
  • rapid provision of benchmarks and performance reports to assist in-house analysis and presentation of the business results;
  • simplified decision-making through simulated options based on real enterprise data;
  • enhanced business performance management, and learning and knowledge capital development with minimum technical support;
  • securing online report at any time and in any place, by using common devices including mobile tablets, phones, notebooks and PCs.

The PHAROS Navigator software suit facilitates a wide range of SME applications in private and public sectors. It supports major international standards for analysis, performance measurement and benchmarking for sustainable development.

To date, the software has the following main components:

The PHAROS Business Navigator, a comprehensive yet simple and user-friendly enterprise client-server platform for measuring, monitoring, analysis and benchmarking business performance of organizations.

The Pharos Navigator enterprise models that provide sample turn-key applications in particular industrial areas such as Latin America, Africa and Asia, where UNIDO Pharos projects are implemented. A running example of such manufacturing application is Smart Factory.

The Pharos Navigator software platform upgraded in 2015 integrates all features and functionalities of software items, including the Business Environment Strategic Toolkit (BEST), the Financial Improvement Toolkit (FIT) and Measurement Control Chart Toolkit (MCCT).

The software and user training are available for participants of UNIDO Pharos workshops Opens external link in new windowhere and of Capacity building programmes Opens external link in new windowhere.



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