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UNIDO Publications


IID Policy Brief 5: Greening industrial development

2023  |  Author(s): G. Anzolin and A. Lebdioui

#Policy Brief

Climate change raises important questions for the sustainability of industrialization as a development model, a model that has allowed countries to prosper over the past two centuries. Industrial policy  is increasingly being recognized as a key ingredient of the transition to a low carbon future. Greener consumption is crucial if we are to achieve the sustainability goals.

IID Policy Brief 4: Aligning digital and industrial policy

2023  |  Author(s): C. Foster and S. Azmeh

#Policy Brief

Digital technologies are driving industrial transformation, with impacts across a range of
sectors of production. This includes potential shifts in the geography of global production
with implications for industrial development. Novel approaches to industrial policy are
necessary to embrace and take advantage of these changes.

Comparative Research Report on the Localized Performance Indicator Systems of the International Guidelines for Industrial Parks in China

2022  |  Author(s): UNIDO

This document is a project output for research and reference purposes by the UNIDO Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation in China (UCSSIC China) for the adaptation of the UNIDO International Guidelines for Industrial Parks to the prevailing circumstances, conditions, and practices in China and to the industrial parks in China.

Building a Successful Vaccine Manufacturing Business in Lower and Middle Income Countries Lessons from industry leaders and innovators

2022  |  Author(s): UNIDO

"This document has been produced as part of UNIDO’s global project “Strengthening the local
production of essential medicines in developing countries through advisory and capacity building
support” with funding support from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and
Development (BMZ). Kris Howard, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Expert, and Martin Nicholson,
International Pharmaceutical Expert, have been the lead authors"

Guide de l’ONUDI sur l’analyse de genre et l’intégration de la dimension de genre dans le cycle du projet

2022  |  Author(s): UNIDO

Le présent guide sur l’analyse de genre et sur l’intégration de la dimension de genre dans le cycle du projet a été préparé par le Bureau de l’égalité des sexes et de l’autonomisation des femmes (bureau GEW) de l’ONUDI sous la supervision de Müge Dolun, coordinatrice par intérim chargée de questions de genre. Ce document a été rédigé par Carmen Schuber,
à l’aide de données clés apportées par Dominika  Dor et  Nicolas  Schmidt. Philip  Wright a apporté son soutien pour la relecture et la mise en page.