Reports - Desk Reviews

Reports - Desk reviews

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Synthesis of UNIDO independent evaluations 2015-2018. August 2019

Volume I - Main report

Volume II - Annexes


Thematic review. Strengthening knowledge and institutions and policy advice. January 2019

Part I - Main report

Part II - Annexes

Thematic review. UNIDO Operations Integration. November 2018 PDF (1MB)
Synthesis of findings and lessons from independent evaluations in the period 2012-2015 (prepared by ODG/EVA, December 2015) PDF (3.4MB)
Synthesis of lessons learned from completed evaluations 2012-2013 (prepared by ODG/EVA, June 2014) PDF (495KB)
Desk review. What has UNIDO done to reduce poverty – Evidence from UNIDO evaluations 2008 and 2009. October 2010 PDF