Terms of Reference of Ongoing and Past Evaluations

TITLE Download
Independent terminal evaluation. SUDAN. Fostering inclusive economic growth in Sudan Kassala State through agro-value chains development and access to financial services (UNIDO project No. 170074) PDF (476KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. INDIA. Promoting business models for increasing penetration and scaling-up of solar energy in India (UNIDO project No. 130149; GEF ID: 4788) PDF (1.2MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. UGANDA. Reducing vulnerability of banana producing communities to climate change through banana value added activities (UNIDO project No. 140015; GEF ID: 5603) PDF (1.9MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. AZERBEIJAN. Initiation of the HCFC phase out in the Republic of Azerbaijan (UNIDO project No. 100321; GEF ID: 4602)  PDF (484KB)

Independent terminal evaluation. ARAB REGIONAL. Support the Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC) to be sustained, effective and internationally recognized as key driving force for regional trade integration (UNIDO Project No.: 140261)

PDF (245KB)

Independent terminal evaluation. GLOBAL. UNIDO GEF-5 project: Promoting accelerated transfer and scaled-up deployment of mitigation technologies through the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) (UNIDO project No. 140307; GEF ID: 5832)

PDF (627KB)
Independent mid-term evaluation. GLOBAL. Global quality and standards programme (GQSP) (UNIDO project No. 170032) PDF (2MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. SRI LANKA. Bamboo processing for Sri Lanka (UNIDO project No. 100043; GEF ID: 4114) PDF (841KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. VIET NAM. Expansion of the national business registration system (NBRS) to new business entities (UNIDO project No. 130217) PDF (681KB)
Independent thematic evaluation. UNIDO's Gender Policy and 2016-2019 Gender Strategy PDF (300KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. URUGUAY. Towards a green economy in Uruguay: stimulating sustainable production practices and low emission technologies in prioritized sectors (UNIDO project No. 120323; GEF ID: 4890) PDF (610KB)
Independent thematic evaluation. UNIDO's programme and project formulation, appraisal and approval function PDF (144KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. SOUTH SUDAN. Upgrading the fishery sector in South Sudan (UNIDO project No. 120447) PDF (315KB)
Independent thematic evaluation. UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Offices' network PDF (288KB)
Thematic review from independent evaluations of UNIDO renewable energy projects  PDF (84KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. NIGERIA. Mini-grid based on renewable energy (biomass) sources to augment rural electrification (UNIDO Project No. 100260; GEF ID: 3943) PDF (1MB)

Independent terminal evaluation. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.  Stimulating industrial competitiveness through biomass-based, grid-connected electricity generation (UNIDO Project No. 100288; GEF ID: 4747)

Independent terminal evaluation. GUINEA-BISSAU. Promoting investments in small to medium scale renewable energy technologies in the electricity sector (UNIDO Project No. 130012; GEF ID: 5331) PDF (2MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. ARAB REGIONAL. Enhancement of regional trade capacities in food through harmonized regional conformity assessment and food safety systems (UNIDO Project No. 120541) PDF (446KB)


Independent terminal evaluation. INDIA. Environmentally sound management of medical wastes in India (UNIDO Project No. 104160; GEF ID: 3803)

PDF (6.58MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. INDONESIA. National Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) programme Indonesia (UNIDO Project No. 100224) PDF (941KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. COLOMBIA. Promotion of industrial energy efficiency in Colombian industries (UNIDO project No. 140122; GEF ID: 5828) PDF(1MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. LIBERIA. installation of multi-purpose mini-hydro infrastructure (for energy irrigation) (UNIDO project No. 100330; GEF ID: 3944) PDF(2MB)