Terms of Reference for Ongoing Evaluations

TITLE Download
Independent terminal evaluation. ARAB REGIONAL. Enhancement of regional trade capacities in food through harmonized regional conformity assessment and food safety systems (UNIDO Project No. 120541) PDF (446KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. Programme for Country Partnership in Ethiopia PDF (501KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. INDIA. Environmentally sound management of medical wastes in India (UNIDO Project No. 104160; GEF ID: 3803) PDF (6.58MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. Review and update of the National Implementation Plan under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in the People's Republic of China (UNIDO Project No. 130176; GEF ID: 5624) PDF (232KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. ARMENIA. Improving competitiveness of export oriented industries in Armenia through modernization and market access: Phase II (UNIDO Project No. 160113) PDF (651KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. INDONESIA. National Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) programme Indonesia (UNIDO Project No. 100224) PDF (941KB)
Independent thematic evaluation. UNIDO Field Network PDF (387KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. COLOMBIA. Promotion of industrial energy efficiency in Colombian industries (UNIDO project No. 140122; GEF ID: 5828) PDF(1MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. GLOBAL. Strengthening the local production of essential medicines in developing countries through advisory and capacity-building support (Phases 4-6) (UNIDO project Nos. 120117, 130209, 140292, 160202) PDF(1MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. THE PHILIPPINES. Industrial energy efficiency (UNIDO project No. 103049; GEF ID: 3601) PDF(1MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. PAKISTAN. Promoting sustainable energy production and use from biomass in Pakistan (UNIDO project No. 100333; GEF ID: 3921) PDF (1MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. LIBERIA. installation of multi-purpose mini-hydro infrastructure (for energy irrigation) (UNIDO project No. 100330; GEF ID: 3944) PDF(2MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. CABO VERDE. Promoting market-based development of small to medium-scale renewable energy systems in Cape Verde (UNIDO project No. 100332; GEF ID: 3923) PDF (2MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. THAILAND. Promoting small scale biomass power plants in rural Thailand for sustainable renewable energy management and community involvement (UNIDO project No. 100258; GEF ID: 4184) PDF (4.2MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. SOUTH AFRICA. Climate change, clean energy and urban water in Africa promoting market based deployment of clean energy technology solutions in municipal waterworks: Pilot initiative in South Africa (UNIDO project No. 140341) PDF (363KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. GLOBAL. UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Manama (ITPO Bahrain) (2017-2019) (UNIDO project No. 160207) PDF (241KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. REGIONAL AFRICA. Quality infrastructure programme in Central Africa (French acronym PIQAC) (UNIDO project No. 100080) PDF (571KB)

REGIONAL AFRICA. Évaluation indépendante finale du Programme de Restructuration et de Mise à Niveau de l’Afrique Centrale (PRMN) pour la période de mise en œuvre  (Décembre 2014 à juin 2018) (ONUDI projet ID: 130286)


REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON. Évaluation indépendante en fin du  Programme d’Appui à l’amélioration de la Compétitivité de l’économie camerounaise  (PACOM) pour la période de mise en œuvre  (Septembre 2013 à juin 2018) (ONUDI projet ID: 120522)

Independent terminal evaluation. REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA. Sustainable market access through responsible trading of fish in Indonesia (SMART-Fish) (UNIDO project No. 120110) PDF(336KB)
Independent terminal evaluation. REGIONAL AFRICA. Capacity strengthening and technical assistance for the implementation of Stockholm Convention national implementation plans (NIPs) in African least developed countries (LDCs) of the ECOWAS sub-region (UNIDO project No. 104064; GEF ID: 3969) PDF (5.4MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. KINGDOM OF THAILAND. Industrial energy efficiency in Thailand (UNIDO project No. GF/THA/11/001 - 103071; GEF ID: 3786) PDF (1.9MB)
Independent terminal evaluation. ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT. Industrial energy efficiency in Egypt (UNIDO project No. GF/EGY/100349; GEF ID: 3742) PDF (2.7MB)
Independent mid-term evaluation. REPUBLIC OF MALAWI. Malawi: Market access and trade-capacity building support for agro-industrial products (MATCB) (106075)  PDF (261KB)
Independent mid-term review. EASTERN REPUBLIC OF URUGUAY. Towards a green economy in Uruguay: stimulating sustainable production practices and low-emission technologies in prioritized sectors (120323 and 120250 (PPG); GEF ID: 4890) PDF (251KB)
Impact assessment and final evaluation. REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Industrial Energy Efficiency improvement in South Africa (103097 - SE/SAF/09/001, SE/SAF/09/A01, TE/SAF/11/001, UE/SAF/09/002) PDF (638KB)
Independent UNIDO country evaluation in the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE (draft terms of reference, 15 April 2014) - EVALUATION SUSPENDED PDF (806KB)
Independent end evaluation. REPUBLIC OF MOZAMBIQUE. Entrepreneurship development of the youth (TF/MOZ/07/003) PDF (74KB)