Bianca's Story

“The value of this programme for one’s professional advancement is incredibly high.”

Junior Professional Officer, Regional Office in Thailand

Having a management background, the world of development cooperation was the most attractive career path to me. This was mainly because I realized how motivating it was to know that your professional efforts and working hours, ultimately contribute to improving the economic and social conditions of beneficiaries. Being involved in project implementation for sustainable development really allows you to see the impact of your work in a way few other professional fields do.

I joined UNIDO while completing my Master’s and after four years, I was selected for the JPO programme. This seemed like a natural move forward. Having been based at the UNIDO headquarters since joining the organization and having worked in close contact with the field offices for project implementation, moving to the Regional Office in Thailand as a Programme Officer was a great opportunity to get experience with regional programmes and policies.

The JPO programme is a unique opportunity to enter the UN as a staff member at a relatively young age. The value of this programme for one’s professional advancement is incredibly high. The work of the regional office contributes to programme development and strategic planning in the countries of coverage. It is very enriching to be able to support colleagues in nine different countries. The most enjoyable aspect of working in the regional office is the close collaboration among colleagues, since being a small team allows for extensive exchange and cooperation.